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Minkpink - Fast Forward Sunglasses

SKU: 0314000063
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MinkPink Reality Bites Sunglasses are just one of the ways to recapture styles from the early and mid 1900s.Continues to inspire, support and encourage a diverse market of girls, all lovers of fashion, festivals, music and of course partying, and continues to spread style and design philosophy throughout the fashion world.

Acrylic Lenses: With great optical quality, Mink Pink lenses are providing something nice to look through as well as maximum ultra-violet protection in compliance with international sunglass standards.


Polycarbonate: Mink Pink plastic frames are extremely impact resistant, durable and lightweight plastic material.

Nickel Silver: Mink Pink metal frames are extremely durable, they are made using a flexible metal material with hypoallergenic nickel-free coated finish.
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